Cuba 2016 Customer Review

Dear Melinda,

In the excitement of filling up taxis last Monday, I didn’t have a chance to thank you properly and say goodbye. With the Customer Survey today comes your email, so I can now thank you personally! I take it that on the survey Tour Guide means Nubia. I will fill out the survey and send it promptly.

For now I just want to thank you for a wonderful trip. You were a terrific tour leader and managed to cope beautifully with such a large group. You were always smiling, and I am sure there were times when things were not running as smoothly as you would have wished, but you did not show it! The trip from start to finish was so well organized, and the mixture of beaches and cities worked extremely well. And I am glad that Nubia proved to be so pleasant and informative. As a first-time traveller with Ageless Adventures I can assure you that your company is high on my list, and I look forward to your future brochures. I shall also be interested to see what, if any, changes you make to future Cuba trips! Several friends told me before this trip that I would probably be disappointed with Cuba — they had friends who came back complaining about everything, food, dirt, crumbling buildings, etc., so I am busy telling everyone that the only way to go to Cuba is with Ageless Adventures!!

Thank you again, and I hope to do another trip with you in the future.

Best wishes,

Caroline Monahan