Ageless Adventures Staff

At Ageless Adventure Tours we pride ourselves on our customer service, attention to detail and interesting tours. This would not be possible without the hard work of our office staff.

Marianne Kellins, is the newest member of our team and brings years of business experience. Marianne’s Mandate is to organize all components of a tour from booking venues to coordinating home pick-ups and ensuring that dietary and special needs are adhered to, etc.

Caroline Brown, joined us in 2014  and has 15+ years as a sales agent for Transat Holidays, currently she is responsible for customer service, tour planning, and bookkeeping.

Stefanie Wheller puts together tour information packages for tour guides and customers.  An experienced proof reader, Stefanie helps to get the tour brochures ready for the printers. She also works on advertising.

Melinda Burns is involved in tour design, promotion, sales, marketing and tour guiding. She also negotiates with suppliers and venues to ensure that every tour meets the standards you have come to expect when booking with Ageless Adventures.

George Burns’ role is to ensure that everything runs smoothly. He is responsible for the overall operation of our business, from day to day decision making to long term planning to expressing his opinions on almost everything!