Women’s Wellness Getaways

For the last two years Ageless Adventure Tours has offered a trip called Women’s Wellness Getaway. In 2014 the trip was to Hill’s Health Ranch (108 Ranch) in the interior of BC. This year the trip was to the Kingfisher Resort & Spa on Vancouver Island, near Comox.

The more rustic setting at the Hill’s Health Ranch included the surrounding 30 000 acres of ranch land. We were offered several fitness classes including: yoga, pilates, water aerobics, and workshops on nutrition. The latter were entertaining as well as informative. Horseback riding, guided hikes and trail walking on our own were popular options too. Some of us pampered ourselves by purchasing spa treatments. The meals were multi course and delicious. No lettuce and tofu lunches for us.

In 2015, the ocean front Kingfisher Resort & Spa offered a different spa experience, entirely. Our package included exercise classes and the fabulous and unique Pacific Mist Hydropath. For more than hour groups of four were guided through mineral pools, different intensity water falls, steam room, massaging water walk and ending with a sea minerals scrub and soak. Words cannot convey what an enjoyable experience the Hydropath was.

At our leisure we had the use of an outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna. Some of us chose to purchase spa treatments such as massages and facials. We also found trails to walk and places to lounge on the beach, on the beautifully kept lawns or on our own patios. There were eagles overhead and sea otters playing in the surf to watch.

Once again, the meals were anything but waist reducing. We spent one day visiting Hornby Island via Denman Island where we toured a beautiful private garden and did some wine tasting at Carbrea Winery.

I can hardly wait to find out what exciting Women’s Wellness adventure Melinda & George offer this coming year. My name will be on the list for the next spa trip.
Alice Kennedy