Haida Gwaii Thank You Letter

Dear Melinda & George:

I returned from Haida Gwaii on July 8, and I want to report that it was an excellent trip. It was a great blend of nature walks, Haida culture, and gift shops. I bought my usual soaps, but did “splurge” on a coffee cup of the golden spruce, a print of April White’s Canoe Woman, and some QC jam.

The group was the best that I have ever traveled with. They were cohesive, solicitous, friendly, helpful, and “good people.” I hope to see them on another trip.

Clayton, our driver, was terrific.  He was very accommodating and always there with his hand when we got off the bus.

There were many special things about this trip – going into the homes of the Haida for meals (salmon every time), the zodiac to Skedans, the tour of the Haida Heritage Centre, and the free time at the end to explore little QC.

Rosalie was outstanding. She saw that everything ran as smoothly as possible! She deserves a lot of credit for the happiness of the group.

I wish I was still there!

Looking forward to the next adventure,

Faye Smith